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Pinda Daan

We Provide 'Pindadaan','Asthi pooja','Tirtha Sraddha',

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Warship Material Shop Available

We are provide Shopping Facilities for our clients and warship materials also.

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Mahapraschit Sankalp & Bhujjidan

Mahapraschit sankalp & Bhujjidan can be arrenge any time as per your interest, It reduces Blame & Sin.

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Vehicle Facilities

We Provide Vehicle Facilities for our Outside Passengers & Tourists.

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All the Tourists who come here for Karmkand, We provide all the necessary facility for them.

  • Vehicle Facilities.

  • Hotel & Dharmshala.

  • Fooding & Lodging Facility.

  • Taxi for Prayag tour.

  • Shop Facility.

  • kalpvaas facility.