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Ganga Puja / Triveni Puja

Ganges worship coming to Shri Prayag The person needs to be sent to Triveni (Ganga / Yamuna / Saraswati) because in this we pray for the protection of our Baal-Gopala (sons and daughters), family members and in the name of the dead animal or any creature Ganga ji's Aarti is donated in Shringar, Bhandara, which contains milk, sweet fruit, gold, silver grains or other substances, Triveni maa Ganga Yamuna Saraswati worship makes all our activities move smoothly because this goddess in Kalyug all the world It is accessible to residents, their nectar stream can be seen with direct eyes and can be torched.

₹ 1100/-

Mahapraschit Sankalp

It is upon us as if we have known - unknowingly any saintly saint, Brahmin, cow mother, Jeeva murders, Guru slander, scripture slander Ved slander, direct or indirect sraun guilt, feminine, foreign female movement Sehwaj, unknowingly many other virtuous dates. In the present date (day) for the person (deceased or alive) who comes to Prayag for the prevention of food Sehwaj blasphemy crime and many defects, Krishna Paksha or Shukla Paksha, Surya Uttarayana Nakshatra Yoga and Sinnact Ganga, Yamuna, Saraswati This resolution is made in the midst of the confluence of the city god Shri Venimadhav Ji Akshayavat. In this, your gotra name, form requires attention.

₹ 500/-

Shri Pyagraj Charan Vandana

Sun, earth, water, air (air) sky are worshiped by their worship, mantras and substances, Yagyo (worship material), because our body is composed of a mixture of five elements, and after death in the same five elements Dissolves. In order to make the living person's five elements strong and personality influences, worship is done, by performing this puja (yajna), the person attains healing, wealth, happiness, prosperity. The king of all triathos is Prayagraj, so it is necessary to come and pray in the Prayag, because the face of Shri Hari Vishnu is the Prayagraj, the navel is in Benares and the stage is gone

₹ 500/-

Asthi Puja

For the peace of his soul, the deceased person or creature who leaves his dead body and goes to Baikunthaloka on this journey, worships his bones by Vedic rituals and mantras which include worshiping material such as Akshata (rice) Jawa , Til, abir, rose, turmeric, roli, paan, betel nut, long, cardamom, fruits, flowers, sweet, incense sticks, camphor, milk and water. All the material is offered to the dead animal by invoking them through the Chama plea chants. After that, the new clothes (utensils full, brass, copper) used in their donation to cross the river called Gaudan Baitarani, gold, silver, donation, land donation, other eighty-four donation value is included. Or any person can donate any of these donations by bringing all the materials together.

₹ 1100/-

Mundan Sanskar

Mundan rites are considered to symbolize the peace of Pitra's soul Happiness is done for the success of an action or the desire of children Mund Daan has its own importance in the pilgrimage of Prayagraj.

₹ 250/-

Pinddaan (Gaya version Shradh)

After the puja of the dead animal, pindan is necessary because the soul of the deceased creature is in this dead world on earth within thirteen days, where their appearance is made in the form of the earth, that is, their calling gotra, name, form (of the deceased) date, war , By pledge resolution, by Vedic chants, by worshiping material.

₹ 700/-

Dasagatra Ekadashi: Complete Action

In the Karma Kand that takes place within 13 days of the deceased creature, the importance of the tenth day is such that it is known that on the tenth day of the deceased creature is born by ten limbs at another place, for that, by making a body of the Peepal tree by the great character Then, on the eleventh day and on the twelfth day, 31 objects are donated in this way. After Dashagatra on the tenth day, the person giving the taint gets the shaving done and the family animals also get it shaved. On the eleventh day, purity comes by bidding the rest of the body and bidding farewell to the great Brahmin.

₹ 2100/-

Tirath Shradh

It is a 365-day pandan in the name of his deceased creature from the day of death and all the things that are used in his worship are of java flour, milk ghee, honey, sesame, rice, avir, buka turmeric, roli, flowers, paan Leaf betel leaves are all 365. Pindadan is performed by Vedic mantras followed by Brahmin Dakshina and food. In this, Trivedi puja is performed first and after the resolution the body is donated. (Jijman has to donate dhoti and swab at the time of worship.)


All the items used in his life are donated in the name of the dead animal in the bed, such as charpai (outpost, bed), carpets, bed sheets, quilts, mattresses, garments, vessels (flowers, brass, copper), gold, silver, Includes donation of cart, horse, sweets, fruits, (all kind) shoe, roof, pliers, griddle, and all use items. Its value includes the amount

₹ 5100 / -


इस मुंडन का एक रूप वेणीदान है , यह दान आमतौर पर विवाहित जोड़े ही अपने जन्म जन्मांतर के मिलन को अपने सातजन्म तक One form of this Mundan is Vainidan, this donation is usually done by married couples to strengthen the union of their birth birth to their seven births. In this, married couples first worship Shree Ganesha, cows and men make up for women and this worship is done between women and men. Worship fee

₹ 1100


Mangal Dosagraha Wala (defect placed in the horoscope) - It is necessary to see the horoscope before its worship, after the horoscope it is worshiped, three Brahmins worship for three days. It is worshiped in two ways: -

  • (1) Vedic
  • (2) Neptune
  • • Chanting in Vedic worship is 31000. • Chanting 21000 in Tantrokta pooja.
  • Mangal Dosh in case of not getting married
  • 1- Home Marriage
  • 2- Three Brahmins will chant with Tantra chanting 11000, Puja in 7 days. Price of ₹ 5100 is fixed.

  • (Note-Panchak states that Vedic chanting is attained by 11000 but due to the effect of Kali-yuga one should quadruple the Chaturgarnakritva i.e. chanting) Price ₹ 8100 / -

    Vastushastra Dosh Graha Pravesh

    The time date for entering the new house will be determined by the letter and the statue of Lord Vishnu in the same way, photo with Lakshmi and home urn. The ghost is used to get rid of the phantom and for an improved environment.

    Shanti Havan

    May peace and happiness remain in your home forever, inauspicious planets, birth anniversaries, any kind of illiterate will not enter your house and your happiness will remain peaceful. Peace is done by Vedic and Tantrikot two ways. Contents: -

  • 1- mole,
  • 2- Half of sesame rice,
  • 3- Half a barley of rice,
  • 4- Ghee of native cow,
  • 5- Sugar, jaggery, sugar, sugar candy in sweet
  • 6- 100 grams of ghee separately,
  • 7- In the incense stuff, add dry fruit as per your strength, which is available with you.
  • 8- Yellow Mustard (Tantrokta)
  • 9- Kamalaghata (Tantrokta)
  • 10- Milk-flower bud or mango wood, rice 50g, roli, sweet-betel, betel nut, long, cardamom (5 pieces)
  • 11- Dried Coconut, Kalai Nayi.
  • 12- Google and Myrrh
  • Kalsarpadosh Yog

    obstructing Pitra Dosha and advancement obstructs the fate of son-grand-daughter, business, house, house, house, etc. . There are many types of Kaal Sarp Yoga. It is only after seeing this horoscope that we find out what kind of Kaal Sarp Yoga is. The chanting lasts for 3 days according to Vedic customs. By five Brahmins (Fruits are grown separately)

    ₹ 8100 / -

    Ekadashni Rudra Yajna Abhishek

    This puja is performed for any kind of special benefit etc. like diseases, extreme benefits, advancement, rank prestige, unforgivable crime, etc.

  • 1- Ganesh worship.
  • 2- Varun Kalash Poojan
  • 3- Mother worship.
  • 4- Chausath Yogini Shavonash Matruka Puja
  • 5- Navagraha Poojan
  • 6- Pradhanpeetha Poojan
  • Abhishek from Kushoshak 7-11 times,

  • Pooja from five Brahmins - ₹ 5100 / - including Pooja like yours equal ₹ 9000 / -
    11 worship from Brahmin - 1500 / - (including same) (Ticket fare applicable to and out of Allahabad)

    Bhagwat Katha

  • 1- Shrimad Bhagwat Week Gyan Mahayagya
  • 2- Navah Ramcharit Manas Gyan Mahayagya
  • All Pitha Dosha birth birth births gross sin-heat prevention and all family famine death-death, love-liberation and Ilokik Chatupurusharth meaning, religion, Kama-Moksha fruits, for the sake of attainment of the scriptures, Pancham Veda Bhagavat Gyan Mahayagna, Bhagavatripa achieves all these siddhis in life. There is an entry of those who come and attain enlightenment and disinterest. It has been told only in the whole sastra of life.

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