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This special offer for all those peoples who want to do complete pooja for their loving onces, and all for those purpose peoples who is Outside of country want a full comptet package for at once. in this package we include all the singlethings which are required . we care your money and time also . we will provide high quality of services .that our promise.

Super special pooja

₹ 11000/- INR.

  • Ganga Puja / Triveni Puja
  • Asthi Puja
  • Havan
  • Tarpan
  • General Resolution
  • Panchdev Pratychha Dev Pooja by Vedic Mantras
  • Mundan Sanskar of all actions Dasgaz XI:
  • Ganga Puja Prasad
  • Triveni water (in the robbery of five metals)
  • Viewing the historical scene around the Sangam
  • To donate clothes, vessels, cloth donations, gold and silver donations, Gaudan, food and chaurasi to your deceased creature in eighty-four donations.
  • Always, at the confluence, despite the crowds of people, give the best facilities to the traveler, such as: - bathing and protecting them from any other chaotic elements
  • At the confluence, no other person can ask you to leave in the confluence water by giving you money, flowers, fruits, coconut, gold, silver, rupees, to save you from the force.
  • From the place of worship, you will be kept away from the beggars and hypocrites and hypocrites of the path which bother you between the boat club.
  • Take you to the special ghat at the confluence where you will not get crowded.
  • There will be fodder for foreign birds and fishes to eat along the route from Qila Ghat to Sangam.
  • Taxis will be available from the railway station, airport, bus stop to the place of worship to the hotel or to the confluence.
  • After your booking at the organization, you can be provided in Allahabad in every way. Such as: -Hotel, which does not have the facility of restaurant food (garlic, onion), to see all the side signs of Allahabad and your arrival in Allahabad will be received from whichever direction you come from.
  • After bone-worshiping, the immature immersion in your confluence water will also be made to flow into the erstwhile Triveni with immersion mantras along with ritualistic rituals.
  • The worshiping time is done with the sunrise in the morning. And lasts until before sunset.
  • The distance of Sangam from Allahabad railway station is 7 km and the ashram of the institution is 5 km.
  • There will also be a system of dhoti-swap for worshiping.
  • Wearing Yajnopaveet (Janeu).
  • All pooja will be over Sangam (Triveni) water.
  • Ganga Puja / Triveni Puja will be performed with a stream of flowers and milk.
  • Brahmin food- To make food to ritualistic Brahmins.
  • Giving clothes to Brahmins in farewell.

Note- These conditions will not be applicable on special dates throughout the year and you can donate new clothes (utensils), gold, silver or other donations in worship.

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